Car Owner Magazines

There are many magazines related to car and motor vehicles in general available in the UK. Here is a list of some of the most popular. These are in no particular order. Most of these publications offer subscriptions for regular readers.

Auto Express – First published in 1988, Auto Express is the UK’s biggest-selling motoring magazine sold weekly.

Auto Italia - Started in 1995 Auto Italia focuses on the design and heritage of Italian marquee vehicles. Produced by Italian and UK based writers.

Autocar – The world’s oldest car magazine, Auto car was first published in 1895 when there were less then ten cars in the UK.

Autosport - Published weekly since 1950, this magazine covers all significant motorsport events as well as the UK national, club and historic racing scene.

Car – First Published in 1962 as Small Car magazine, Car is a monthly car enthusiast magazine.

Classic & Sports Car – Dealing mainly with the more expensive end of the range, Classic & Sports Car is a monthly magazine concerned the design and subsequent use of classic cars, including period motorsport. It is known as “The World's Best-Selling Classic Car Magazine”

Classic Car Weekly - Launched in 1990, largely contains news and auction coverage, as well as articles covering the sale, maintenance and driving of classic cars. 

Diesel Car & Eco Car - The definitive magazine for diesel and eco-friendly motoring, including electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.

Evo – Known for their subjective reviews of cars, based mainly on the driving experience rather then performance statistics.

Fast Car - Since 1987, Fast Car has covered the modified car culture. The first of its kind in the UK, this magazine is published 13 times a year. They are known for including free gifts such as stickers, posters and CD/DVD's nearly every issue.

Octane - Published monthly and concentrating on classic and performance cars. Octane features road tests and buyers guides of both classic cars modern performance cars as well as current motoring news.

Parker's Car Price Guide - Since 1972 Parker's Car Price Guide has been published monthly, providing accurate pricing information on second had vehicles.

Performance BMW - A monthly magazine for BMW owners focusing on performance and styling modification of BMWs.

Practical Classics – Covering mainly affordable classic cars. It has a strong emphasis on DIY and teaching the needed at enable the lay-man to restore, maintain and repair their classic cars.

Practical Performance Car – The magazine has a focus on DIY covering the Building, tuning & buying real-world performance cars, as well as vehicle tuning.

Top Gear – The official magazine of BBC TV programme Top Gear, it has been published monthly since 1993.

Total 911- With a strict focus on the Porsche 911 this magazine goes into great detail on all models from 1963 to the present day.

VolksWorld- First published in 1987, this monthly magazine is all about Volkswagen vehicles.

What Car? – A magazine for car buyers, this long-running magazine was first published in 1973. Full of tips and tricks for getting the best price as well as reviews and test drive information.